Current Release

Twister UI 2.1.2

Current Release

Twister UI 2.1.2

Twister UI is a user interface add-on for Linux Mint, Xubuntu and Manjaro. It includes themes, applications, and configurations to match the user experience found in Twister OS on the Raspberry Pi.

To install Twister UI:

Please first backup your system prior to installing!

DO NOT run as root or sudo. Install under your regular user. Running as root or with sudo will break the install process.

  1. Download and install the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of either Linux Mint Xfce or Xubuntu 20.4

  2. Download and run the Twister UI installer

  3. When using Linux Mint Xfce, you will need to make changes to the following settings after the Twister UI installation has been completed:

    • In “Application Menu -> Settings -> Desktop,” under the “Icons” tab, uncheck “Use custom font size”

    • In “Application Menu -> Settings -> Window Manager Tweaks,” under the “Compositor” tab, uncheck “Show shadows under dock windows”

PATCHES: Xubuntu/Linux Mint