Frequently Asked Questions

What is the password?


Please change your password by opening terminal and entering passwd

Will This Run On My Pi 3B+

While Twister OS will install on the 3B+ it is not recomended. Twister OS was designed and built around the Pi4 and you may experience issues installing on the 3B+.

Is Twister OS a 64-bit OS?

Twister OS is a 32-bit OS.

How do I patch Twister OS?

Where is Play on Linux?

playonlinux was removed due to too many complaints that not a lot was working with it. You can reinstall with sudo apt install playonlinux && sudo apt remove wine You need to remove wine because playonlinux will install the arm version which will conflict with x86 version of wine.

Where can I download wine?

Download Wine Here

To use, extract wine.tgz and run the wine binary from wine/bin

For example, if extracted to home directory you would run this in terminal

~/wine/bin/wine path/to/your/game.exe

Why is Steam not starting for me?

If Steam doesn't start for you, please update Box86 from the "Games" menu and try again. Please also note that Steam is experimental, and may have issues from time-to-time

Bluetooth audio is not working!

We are aware of this issue and are looking for a workaround. If you are experiencing issues with bluetooth audio then it is currently advised to leave audio settings alone for the time being.

Your website is broken.

This site is up on GitHub so feel free to point out anything and everything that you find wrong.