About Twister OS
A note from our founder

Twister OS is the successor of Raspbian 95, Raspbian XP, Raspbian X, Raspbian X Nighthawk and iRaspbian (The Last two being made by Grayduck) It was a personal project done by me, Salvador. With the idea that the Raspian Pixel Desktop wasn't enough, I created Raspbian 95/XP. In terms of productivity, XFCE was a much better desktop and adding some emulator would make make both worlds (gaming and desktop) merged as one build. Twister OS is built on the official Raspbian Pi OS with themes designed to appear like operating systems they are themed after, but they are no operating systems by themselves. With that said, Software updates for Twister OS relies upon the Raspberry Pi Foundation while internal changes to themes and included software are updated by us via patches.

The second and maybe most important part weren't the themes themselves (That Grayduck a friend I made through this process and now copropietary of Pi Labs Youtube channel demonstrating all his assets doing that part much better than I), but was Box86. Box86 is an emulator developed by ptitSeb that vanishes the borders between ARM Linux and x86 Linux, being able to automatically execute (with some kind of success) x86 Linux binaries and Wine x86 without any complex process like we suffer on other slow and painful implimentations, like Exagear (not open sourced and abandoned) or Qemu with chroots and VM's.

Windows on ARM Operating System is another closed source non Linux way of running x86 software on the Raspberry Pi 4. While it has a fast dynarec, it does everything through software and from my perspective that's not a good approach, like it wasn't on Exagear. There is another thing, even with Microsoft getting involved and making a driver for it, it would be limited to just the Raspberry Pi 4. Box86 and Linux can run anywhere, especially with open source MESA drivers, it's not limited to just the Raspberry Pi 4. Box86 can run on the Odroid N2, C4, any RK3399 and many other single board computers.

With the idea of being able to execute x86 software with a fast dynarec plus GPU acceleration opens the future of cheap ARM linux handhelds or laptops that would be able to run x86 Linux and Windows software (with Box86 and Wine x86). I would like to thank ptitSeb for his continuing development of Box86 and all the MESA driver developers to keep working on GPU's that are really constrained on capabilities and giving them features that weren't meant for them, especially on Panfrost. Grayduck, the artist behind Twister OS, and Phoenixbyrd to the support on Discord and this official site.