Current Release

Twister OS Armbian 1.0 BETA 2

Default Password: asdasd

Please change the password with passwd and sudo passwd respectively.

This build of TwisterOS Armbian target RK3399 devices supported by Armbian. the only required step after flashing the sd card it's to rename the DTB label inside /boot/armbianEnv.txt to your device DTB (you can find the DTB files on /boot/dtb/rockchip/ folder). after first boot, you should change the default password for user and root with passwd and sudo passwd respectively. Also, remember to resize your sd card/emmc manually from gnome disks to fill your entire disk space. This is a beta and we understand it's not as stable as we would like due current problems Armbian have with xfce4 Desktop Environment. We rely on Armbian and what those devs can do to make it more stable. We expect some feedback and contributions from other devs to help as to improve this build that target newcomers on ARM Linux.

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